My mom has an issue swallowing. She cannot swallow solid food, when she does it feels like the food is stuck in her throat. She can swallow liquid but when she does it leads to her coughing and clearing her throat. Water would also come out through her nose. This is a consistent cough where most of the time she is trying to clear her throat and it would lead to her spitting out what looks like mucus. She did and endoscopy that shows the esophagus and stomach as normal. I think the problem is the throat.


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Hi, high dysphagia (as it is technically called) or difficulty swallowing food can have multiple origins, not just mechanical ones, which are ruled out with endoscopy. Your mom requires a complete evaluation with a gastroenterologist, who is the specialist in these diseases, like me. I will be pleased to see your mom in my office.


hello, this can be a neurological dysfunction of the throat muscles, I recommend that you consult with an otolaryngologist and a neurologist, this dysfunction may be due to brain or degenerative alterations.

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